Seva Teacher Training

Seva Teacher Training

200 Hour Yoga Alliance Registered


Seva Teacher Training

  • Deepen Your Understanding and Ability to Convey Teachings of Alignment, Applied Anatomy, Yogic History, Chakras, Mythology, Inspiration in Action, and Comparative Yogic Philosophy
  • Study, Engage, and Train with Several of Texas’s Most Beloved Teachers
  • Learn, Embody and Gain Confidence Expressing Innovative and Useful Yoga Teaching Techniques
  • Explore The Benefits of a Yoga Lifestyle, Experience FIRST HAND a quantification of HOW YOGA WORKS!
  • Engage in Incredible and Lifelong Connections
  • Serve the Community, Bring Positive Change to the World Through Yoga

Seva, meaning “selfless service”, describes the universally respected path of a true teacher/leader and one who is committed to lifelong learning.

The Seva Teacher Training is a unique and refreshingly modern Hatha-Vinyasa training. Deepen your understanding of Alignment, Applied Anatomy,Yogic History, Yogic Philosophy, The Subtle Energy Body, Practical Teaching Skills, Class Sequencing & More. You will learn from many fabulous teachers, gaining invaluable perspectives on the modern and classical world of yoga. 

Upon completion of the course, trainees will walk away with a deeper understanding of their own yoga practice and the tools to teach alignment based Hatha-Vinyasa yoga, as well as a Yoga Alliance 200 hr certification. 

Join us for 200 hrs of Inspiration, Embodiment & Explorations in Confidence & Leadership!


Seva Teachers

  • Meet the Seva Teachers

    Casey Bryan

    Casey’s love of yoga has easily translated into her love for teaching. She teaches from an intuitive understanding of the unique circumstances each student brings to the mat.  She is devoted to paving a path of self-discovery for all her students. Listening to the collective mood of each class, Casey ensures students enjoy a healthy physical, anatomical and alignment-focused experience. She infuses a steady stream of breath awareness throughout each lesson. Yogis journey down an open, non-judgmental path that begins with grounding down and rediscovering a true connection to mother Earth and themselves. Thoughtful cues coupled with space to explore, encourage movement from a place of inner peace and from the heart. Her gentle nature and challenging enthusiasm ensures lasting calm energy and revitalization. Casey has had the blessed opportunity to complete her 200 hour teacher training in Houston, TX at YogaOne in 2012 as well as her 300 hour teacher training with the Jivamukti School of Yoga in Costa Rica in 2014 and the Radiantly Alive 300 hour teacher training in Ubud, Bali in 2015. In total she has over 1000 hours of training and 4 years experience in teaching. Her specialties include vinyasa and yin.

     . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Melony Bergeron

    Melony Bergeron is an Accountant and CPA with many years of business experience. Her yoga journey began 7 years ago after the birth of her third child. The stress and anxiety involved in trying to balance her professional and personal life with three children felt overwhelming. She decided to try yoga for the first time and this class made her so aware of what she was missing in her workouts! Exercises that she had been doing at the gym were bringing more tension into her muscles while increasing her heart rate. What yoga taught her was how to slow down and focus internally while challenging her body and increasing flexibility. Yoga has become an integral part of her everyday life and she can feel the benefits from this training every day! Melony decided to combine her love for yoga with her knowledge of business by opening this studio in The Woodlands, Texas.

     . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Tayler Gyug

    Tayler started practicing yoga after a nearly fatal car accident broke multiple bones (including her pelvis in a few places), tore her aorta, and significantly limited her mobility. She signed up for her first yoga class in 2014 in an attempt to gain back her flexibility, and immediately fell in love. Tayler found the benefits of yoga to be endless, and with a regular practice she was able to gain back the flexibility she lost. Nine months after her first yoga class, she received her 200 RYT certification has been teaching and sharing her love of yoga ever since! Tayler enjoys the journey of attempting difficult poses and loves assisting others to do the same! She also enjoys acro yoga and helping people try new things. Tayler is so excited to meet you and venture with you on your yoga journey!

     . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Tiffany McElmeel

    Tiffany’s passion for teaching began in 1995, fresh out of college, not only did she teach high school, but group fitness classes too.  Her desire to share her knowledge from trainings, reading, webinars, and life experiences shows when she is teaching. Tiffany says, “yoga found me in 2008”, while deciding the next phase in her life. An opportunity arose to teach yoga and that is when the journey began. Her passion for learning hasn’t stopped and she is always finding new ways to encourage her students to never stop learning or growing both on and off the mat. Her style of teaching stems from Vinyasa Flow, but has been influenced over the years from Hatha, Ashtanga, Baptist, and Iyengar.  After completing her RYT 200 in 2014. Tiffany believes “even though it took so long (2 kids in that time span) it really helped me grow as a yogi and a teacher”.  Now, having her E-RYT 200 ,Tiffany is excited to share all her knowledge about yoga and a teacher as the SEVA 200 RYT teacher trainer. Tiffany enjoys setting up get togethers to create a community both on and off the mat. She encourages her students to get out of their comfort zones by experiencing things that are yoga and non-yoga related. She looks forward to seeing you in class and joining in the get togethers.

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  • Additional Information

    The training covers the vital basics of practicing and teaching yoga while providing a glimpse of several yoga lineages creating a well-rounded education of the ever-expanding yoga world. As a Hatha training, the Seva program incorporates several styles and perspectives on yoga while maintaining a focus on asana practice as a pathway to deeper self-awareness. The Seva Teacher Training brings together diverse instructors from different lineages and presents a variety of perspectives on the modern and classical worlds of yoga. The full program offers a wide foundation of knowledge, from which any yogic pathway is possible.

    Hatha-Vinyasa or “Flow Yoga” is highlighted in the training and serves as an empowering base of understanding for practitioners and teachers. Hatha-Vinyasa emphasizes the breath-movement connection and facilitates “flowing” through yoga asanas cultivating a moving meditation. Woven with the fluidity of Hatha-Vinyasa is an emphasis on anatomical alignment as a pathway to kinesthetic awareness.

    This Seva style of teaching yoga will provide you with an understanding how to: sequence an all levels Vinyasa yoga class towards a peak asana, offer intelligent and confident teaching cues, convey a sense of heart and personality, and offer safe and informative hands-on-adjustments.

January 21-May 21, 2017

Saturdays and Sundays 1-6pm

$3,000* for this 200 hr Yoga Alliance registered teacher training program.
Early Bird Price: $2,600 paid in full by August 13th.

*Payment plans available, contact us for details!
*Charter & Prema Members (10%) / Karma Yogi discounts are only applicable on full price.

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