Our Owner/Kavi (Manager) – “Wise & Skillful Keeper” – Melony Bergeron

Melony Bergeron Melony Bergeron is an Accountant and CPA with many years of business experience. Her yoga journey began 7 years ago after the birth of her third child. The stress and anxiety involved in trying to balance her professional and personal life with three children felt overwhelming. She decided to try yoga for the first time and this class made her so aware of what she was missing in her workouts! Exercises that she had been doing at the gym were bringing more tension into her muscles while increasing her heart rate. What yoga taught her was how to slow down and focus internally while challenging her body and increasing flexibility. Yoga has become an integral part of her everyday life and she can feel the benefits from this training every day!
Melony decided to combine her love for yoga with her knowledge of business by opening this studio in The Woodlands, Texas. She is completing her RYT-200 training so she can properly guide others through yoga instruction. Here at Yoga Pod – The Woodlands, we want to share our passion for yoga with our community to help people make a mind and body connection so they can get in touch with how their bodies are feeling and what they need to get the best workout possible. Come in and check us out and join us on this journey to connect breath, body, and mind.

Yoga Pod The Woodlands

Yoga Pod is redefining fitness with transformational yoga and barre in a judgement free space.

Flow with incredible Vinyasa instructors, Tone with high energy barre and YogaTone, and Detox in state of the art hot yoga rooms. We believe that there is no perfect body type and that sustained fitness comes from understanding how the mind, body and spirit work together to build connection, commitment, and community. Join the movement and transform your life. Map/Directions

Our Mission

To create a vibrant yoga community, where each student can rejuvenate the body, refresh the mind, and replenish the spirit.

Our Vision

We offer quality, inspired yoga taught by remarkable, passionate teachers, in a peaceful and pristine environment, to ensure a transformative experience for all.

Our Values

Beliefs we hold in such high esteem, significantly affecting the way we speak, think, and act: Community, Authenticity, Diversity, Excellence, Abundance, Love, Fun!

Studio Partner – BJ Bergeron

BJ Bergeron BJ Bergeron is a CPA and successful business owner. He has been an avid runner for 15 years. He has participated in numerous charity runs, 5Ks, 10Ks, and 2 Marathons – including the Boston Marathon in 2005. Shortly thereafter, he suffered 2 herniated discs in his lower back which sidelined him from many physical activities. Months went by before he was even able to run again or participate in any challenging physical activities. Melony convinced BJ to try Yoga for his back pain so 2 years ago, while training for a triathlon, BJ began practicing Yoga on a weekly basis. He decided to incorporate Yoga into his training routine as a way to rejuvenate his over-worked muscles and to help with his overall back pain.
The benefits of Yoga far outreached his expectations as it related to his open water swimming and his overall cardio which helped him on the bike and the run…… and oh yes…. His back pain suddenly went away. BJ credits yoga for not only healing his back, but it has also helped him overcome his fears of claustrophobia and open water swimming by using the “one breath – one movement” technique learned in his regularly attended Yoga Flow Class. He feels that yoga has helped keep him injury free while working through his demanding training regimes while challenging his body in the 2015 Ironman Texas Competition. It has also helped him build muscle in a way that his other exercises could not. Yoga was exactly what he needed in order to bring about improved performance while the increase in flexibility helped to keep his muscles and joints safe. BJ can proudly say today that he is back-pain free and an Ironman.

Yoga Pod Founders – Nicole & Gerry Wienholt

Gerry and NicoleWe’re excited that you’re getting to know a little bit about the Yoga Pod through our website. Our hope is that, through the pages of this site, you may glean at least a small sense of what we’re all about.

Our beautiful studios are designed to create an environment where excellent instruction and a transformational yoga experience will entice you to visit often, lingering before and after class to interact with our wonderful community of students and teachers.

We’re striving to redefine fitness with transformational yoga that celebrates diversity, promotes friendship, and builds a strong community. We offer classes to suit all levels – for beginning students and intermediate to advanced practitioners. We believe that there is no perfect body type and that sustained fitness comes from an understanding of how body, mind, & spirit work together to build connection, commitment, and community.

We truly feel that our yoga room is the canvas and our students and teachers are the color and the art that completes the masterpiece.

Everyone is welcome and we’d love to see you!

We hope you join our vibrant yoga community!

Nicole & Gerry

Simply the Best!

I love the expert teachers, and array of classes available throughout the day. I can always find a class that fits into my schedule, which is so nice. The studio itself is also clean, comfortable, and enlivening. So glad to be a Pod member!

Kari D.